WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE)- Interim Wichita Police Chief Lem Moore announced Thursday that three officers had been suspended as a result of an investigation into inappropriate text messages.

It all stems from a story KAKE News has been following for month, involving dozens of inappropriate and racist text messages exchanged between 12 Wichita Police officers and 3 Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office deputies. The Sheriff's office employees all either resigned or retired, with limited punishment being dealt out to the Wichita Police officers involved.

"I recognize that there are many in our community that are angry about this incident," said Interim Police Chief Lem Moore Thursday. "I am one of them."

Moore said he spent several weeks assessing the facts of 8 different cases split up among the 12 officers pertaining to those text messages. He said he didn't want to rush the decision, and had spent weeks listening to opinions, thoughts and getting general commentary from the community. Moore said recommendations by Wichita's Citizens Review board to improve transparency and accountability in the department also helped him decide on appropriate punishments.

"I originally overestimated the time that it took me to review in conflict with my other duties," said Moore.

Moore went through several pages shared with KAKE News Thursday, detailing the details of each case, the officers involved and the discipline that he deemed as appropriate.

Moore recommended an eight-day suspension for three of the officers involved, with only one of the three being issued a violation for using "racially inflammatory words. Two other officers received written reprimands, four officers were not disciplined further, and Moore said three officers left the department before any further discipline could be dealt.

"I know that for some, this discipline, it's not going to be enough," said Moore.

One person, not satisfied with the discipline dished out, City Manager Robert Layton.

"The text messages were racist," said Layton. "They were demeaning, they were inciteful, and they should not be tolerated."

Layton decided to add additional discipline on top of that imposed by Moore.

Officer M, as the officer is named in the report, is the individual who originated a picture involving George Floyd, who was killed in police custody last year, during a period of unrest in Wichita. Officer M, shared that picture with Officer I and distributed it widely. Layton says that officer had no regard for that picture's content and its harmful impact om the community.

Layton added the maximum time of unpaid suspension for both officers, bring that time to 15 days each. Officer M will be prohibited from serving in any special assignments until the officer has completed a cultural assessment, training and coaching program. Officer I will be on desk duty and prohibited from serving in any special assignments until they have completed that training as well.

The third officer, Officer J will also be on desk duty until they complete a fitness for duty evaluation. Layton said that's due to test messages that officer sent professing support for an extremist group known as, the 3Percenters. The evaluation will determine that officers’ future with the department.

"The group is an extremist, anti-government militia organization whose members have also expressed malicious, racial and ethnic sentiments towards Muslims and immigrants," said Layton.

Layton noted that Officer J had expressed remorse since the incident, but that it wasn't behavior that he could condone as the City Manager.

"I'm taking these additional steps to send a strong and clear message that those with these types of beliefs are not welcomed in our Police Department," said Layton. "Or in any position with the City of Wichita."

Layton said the city is closing in on a third party to lead an investigation into the department's culture and polices.

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