MULVANE, Kan. (KAKE) - A horrific discovery at a house near Mulvane last week – investigators found more than 60 animals in what they called a hoarder house, in cruel and unlivable conditions. Animal Control saved most of them, but now, their lives are on the line again if they can't find homes.

"When you see that many crates being carried in and that many people, then you just automatically know the situation isn't good," said Melody Marshall.

Marshall was appalled last week when she found out what was happening right across the street.

"It's just, it's shocking. As an animal lover, you don't want to hear of any animal living in that kind of environment. It's just, it's horrendous," she said.

Last Thursday, someone sent a tip to animal control that there was a hoarding case at a house east of Mulvane. This is what they found.

"Oh my god," Marshall said, seeing the images below for the first time. "That's the horror of what I anticipated that those poor things were probably living in."

And one of them was this guy in the photo above, "Number 22," still traumatized and with stained fur from living in his own feces.

"Man, it's hard. But then it's even harder meeting them and knowing that we have to figure something out," said Daytha Wilson with Beauties and Beasts.

Wilson and the team are the ones trying to get them help. The problem is that the shelters are full, and right now, there are very few volunteers.

"Animal Control is still taking them out, and they have multiple at an undisclosed location. They are working on getting them through the shelter because the shelter is so full. And we need foster homes right now," said Wilson.

Wilson says if more foster homes don't become available, many of these cats will end up having to be put down – something Marshall says would be unthinkable after what they've already been through.

"I hope everybody involved is prosecuted to the fullest extent. And I hope that the law prevails and that they are never allowed to own an animal for the rest of their lives," said Marshall.

Sedgwick County officials say at least one cat was dead at the house. The sheriff has not made any arrests.

If you'd like to foster one of these cats, or even adopt one, click here.