WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - When Steve and Mary Stinson moved to Wichita from Los Angeles they were looking to make connections with their new community and give back.

"I started looking into it once we moved to Kansas," Mary said. "I liked the idea of helping kids in our area and we were new to the town, so it also gave us things to do with someone.

Steven had some reservations about the idea at first.

"Initially I was little hesitant about it just because I just got here to Wichita. I thought it would be a big time commitment," Steven said.

But then they met Kobe as part of a couple's match.

"I had to choose like, a Big Brother or a couple," Kobe said. "I chose the couple because the more, the merrier, and I always wanted to try new things."

That's something the Stinsons and Kobe have been doing since day one.

"We went to the haunted hayride and he was talking a big game, saying, 'I won't be afraid. I'm not afraid' But that turned out to be not the most accurate thing When a clown popped out, they they actually took off and left me behind!" Steven laughed.

"We heard a chainsaw, so we ran!" Kobe added, smiling.

They also like to just hang out at home together. Kobe has enjoyed all of the activities, but even more, he enjoys the special relationship they now share.

"Not just like going everywhere, but actually spending time and getting to know about them a little bit," Kobe explained.

It's a relationship the Stinsons and Kobe say will last a lifetime. And it's one they recommend all Kansans look into!

"Be honest with all the questions that they ask," Mary advised. "Don't feel like you can't answer because you feel like someone will judge you, because that's they way you get the best match, in my opinion."