Ask Johnny Starks how his last week has gone, and he’ll tell you. 

“I'm in an area that I don’t even understand emotionally,” Starks said. 

The former Power 93.5 personality, known as DJ Koolout, said he’s pursuing legal action against his former boss, Greg “The Hitman” Williams, and Audacy, the station’s parent company, after he says he was wrongfully terminated. Audacy confirmed to KAKE News earlier this week that Williams is on leave given the investigation. 

“It doesn’t give me any relief or any good feeling, because it’s the bigger picture,” Starks said. “What happens after all of this?”

Starks documented the situation in a series of Facebook posts. In the first, posted on July 7, he announced the company let him go because he wasn’t a “good fit.” 

In the second, posted just a few days later, he details his disappointment with reaction to the announcement. 

“It does hurt to see people say things that are crass, that are rude, vulgar, that are hurting, and all in the name of either entertainment,” he said. 

On July 13, Starks posted a third time with new details, describing an unwanted sexual encounter with Williams the day before he was fired. He said it was related to his termination. 

Starks said he always planned on posting this information, but he purposefully waited.

“I had to go to a higher place, the HR department,” Starks said. “I knew that I had to make a police report.”

KAKE News obtained a police report from the Wichita Police Department that shows someone reported an incident of sexual battery on July 8 at the radio station’s address, two days after the report says the incident happened.

We also reached out to Williams for his side of this accusation, and he told us he wasn’t interested in sitting down for an interview at this time. However, he did post a statement on Facebook. 

“The allegations being spread on social media by a former employee can never be proven because they are not true,” Williams wrote. “I will share more at the appropriate time in the appropriate way.” 

Audacy, Power 93.5’s parent company, said in a statement to KAKE News that it is aware of Starks’ accusations and will investigate, but until it’s done, the company has no further comment. 

Starks said while loved his job, he’s just not sure if he could ever go back. 

"I have no problem with people knowing the truth and being transparent,” he said. “I just don't. I mean, I wear my feelings on my sleeve. So, if I'm flawed for caring, then I'm not perfect...Just like everybody else."