LOUISVILLE, Ky. (KAKE) - A Kansas mother and daughter were off ventilators and breathing on their own just over a week after they, along with two more members of their family, were hit by a car in Kentucky. 

In a post in a Facebook group providing updates about the Jones family, a family member says Amy and Ava were off ventilators on Wednesday. Amy, the mother, mouthed "thank you" to a nurse, who "had to leave the room to pull herself together," the post says. 

"So many lives have been impacted by this senseless tragedy."

The Jones family, from Nickerson, was on a sidewalk in Louisville on July 5 when a driver who was allegedly under the influence hit them. Ava's father, Trey, died and donated his organs on Sunday, an act that the Great Bend Tribune reports will save nine lives. 

Ava's younger brother wasn't seriously hurt.

The driver, Michael Hurley, is charged with murder, assault and driving under the influence, according to WHAS.

Ava, a top high school basketball recruit, and her family were in Louisville for the Run 4 The Roses club basketball tournament.

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In the days after a family of four from Kansas was hit by a car in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, a young, talented basketball player tried to wake up, but the doctors wouldn't let her, a mother endured multiple surgeries to repair broken bones, and a boy wept as he saw his dad alive for the last time, the teacher and coach being wheeled into an elevator on his way to donate his organs and be taken off life support. 

It was one week ago that the Jones family was on a sidewalk in Louisville, having traveled there from Nickerson for Ava's club basketball tournament. A driver who was allegedly under the influence had failed to make a right turn, went up on the sidewalk and hit Ava, her mother, Amy, her father, Trey, and her little brother, police said. Ava's brother had minor injuries. 

In an update posted Tuesday on the public Facebook group Jones Family Updates, the admin gave an update from the hospital.

"Amy and Ava are still making improvements," the update says. "Amy is having multiple surgeries on broken bones in her arm and leg... Ava’s making it very clear that she’s ready to wake up but doctors want to keep her sedated and on a vent to let her heal a bit more..."

Trey, a teacher and the head track and field coach at Nickerson High School, donated his organs Sunday night. His oldest son, Hunter, streamed a live video of his dad's "honor walk," a ceremony in the hospital in which the donor patient is taken from intensive care to the operating room for organ recovery. A chance for loved ones to say goodbye. 

The Facebook group admin's post says Amy has received bone from another donor. She's been moving and opening her eyes. Ava remains sedated. 

"If you know Ava personally, it should come as no surprise that she’s a fighter in every way," the post says. "She’s almost taken out a couple of nurses while they were working with her and giving her commands! All the nurses are commenting on how feisty she is ... we’re hoping any day now she’ll start coming out of it."

The Nickerson school district said a fund entitled "The Jones Family Fund" has been set up at the People's Bank in Hutchinson. A GoFundMe for the family had raised nearly $105,000 as of Tuesday afternoon.

Ava's team, Wheat State Elite, was in Louisville to play in the Run 4 The Roses club basketball tournament when the family was hit.

Police said the driver of the car, 33-year-old Michael Hurley, told law enforcement he had taken Hydrocodone and was "so tired that he could not make the turn." He's been charged with four counts of first-degree assault and operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of a substance, and license to be in possession. At last update from police, the local attorney's office planned to add a murder charge.

WDRB reports that at the time of the crash, Hurley was on probation for drug-related charges in Indiana.