ANDOVER. Kan. (KAKE)- One fireworks retailer and Kansan KAKE News spoke to this Fourth of July holiday say there's been little impact of record high inflation on fireworks when it comes to their decisions to sell and buy fireworks.

"We spent about $260 today," said Perry Hayden, when asked how much he spent at Wholesale Fireworks Andover location Monday. Hayden said he typically doesn't buy as many, but felt the need to go all out despite some recent price surges seen across the country on things like gas and groceries.

"We noticed some of the packages the same one's we bought last year were a little higher this year," said Perry. "But right now, you know everybody's kind of struggling...we'll get through it and get back to normal pricing eventually."

KAKE News spoke to Wholesale Operations Manager Jacob Marietta Monday, who said that the price increase was an inevitability, but that the retailer has done its best to front a majority of that big blow.

"We've taken the hit and luckily we're able to spread those increases out," said Marietta.

Marietta said Wholesale paid about 5-10% more products on their shelves this year, but that ultimately the impact on customers is spread out among different buyers and their needs.

"That's what we're good at is keeping that down and keeping a wide variety of products so you can spread that dollar farther," said Marietta.

It's help that customer, Pete Vieyra told KAKE News helped him as he searched for fireworks for his three-year-old grandson.

"It's his first Fourth of July that he'll remember so we wanted to get a whole bunch of little things," said Vieyra. "We got some fountains smoke bombs, the sparklers."

Vieyra said that while money is of no expense when it comes to celebrating his grandson, he understands other Kansans who may be in a bind.