WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - On Saturday evening, a portion of Rock Road remained closed due to a shooting that occurred earlier in the day.

People in the neighborhood said it had been a day full of surprises, from unexpected traffic to news of the shooting itself.

"We were in the garage earlier and we're like, 'okay, what's going on,'" said Donna Robbins, who lives in the neighborhood.

She said that over 20 cars passed her home on Saturday morning, which she says never happens. It didn't take long for her to realize that something down the street was very wrong.

"I got a notification on my phone from KAKE is what it was," she remarked.

Two people had died in a shooting in the 4300 block of South Rock Road, and another man, who officers discovered on the road's shoulder, has serious injuries and is now recovering at a local hospital.

Sergeant Matthew Lynch of the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office says that they're working on getting a search warrant with the District Attorney's office to go in and collect any evidence that might remain on scene.

The sheriff's office was working to identify suspects.

"We've had several K9 units out here, our drone units have been out here. They're searching the area, the open air fields and things like that for any other potential victims, witnesses, suspects, anything of that nature," said Sgt. Lynch.

The area of Rock Rd. just south of McConnell Air Force Base was closed to traffic all day, due to local terrain. It later reopened. 

"It is a kind of densely wooded in some spots, so it's been a little difficult to figure out if there is anybody present or not. And being this close to McConnell Air Base, we've had a tough time with getting a plane or anything up like that as well," said Sgt. Lynch.

Drivers were re-routed to Robbin's neighborhood, tucked behind the crime scene.

"I was shocked," Robbins said.