ANDOVER, Kan. (KAKE) - It's been two months since a powerful tornado hit Andover, leaving hundreds of people to pick up the pieces. Today many of the houses that were damaged still look the same.

Many houses have shattered windows and a lot of the damage remains from the storm two months ago.

Homeowners say the biggest reason they have had to wait on repairs is because a lack of supplies.

Things like windows are taking multiple months to come in and so other work inside the houses have to wait until it can be sealed up.

“We really... we try and keep our heads up and you know, nose to the grindstone. it doesn't do anybody any good, especially us to throw a pity party," said Zach Dinicolasaid.

Another homeowner in Andover, Steen Danielsen, is anxious to get going on the repairs but says that costs are coming in much higher than what insurance will pay out.

"It's hard for me just to just sit and hang out until something happens because I want to get in there and do it," he said.

We also spoke with a member of Andover’s long term recovery committee who says that these delays are just going to have been something people factor in.

The good news is that next week the committee and the united way will start case work on damaged homes to determine how to give out the over 8 hundred thousand dollars that were fundraiser.

If you need to be put on a list for that money to help with recovery or have any other questions, you can call 2-1-1.