WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE)- Today future service dogs landed in the ICT!

Six professional pups touched down with the help of private pilot, Jim Stewart. He flew the puppies all the way from California to the Midwest to receive fostering and training. The dogs are only eight weeks old, but they are excited for the challenge. 

Canine Companions is the nonprofit group that facilitates the service animal's travels and future. Volunteer puppy raiser Katie Cordova said, "It’s really nice you know we are a nonprofit organization so the people that need the dogs don't actually have to pay for service dogs. Service dogs can be very expensive, so it’s a great way to help and reach back to our community.”

After receiving training and fostering the animals will be placed in homes of individuals with disabilities or veterans with PTSD. Private pilot Jim Stewart has been flying puppies from California all across the country for three years and he said, "About half the dogs are gonna end up with veterans that have a disability or PTSD which I am particularly attracted to- I don't think we do enough for our vets that do really great things for our country.” 

The next step in these puppies’ journey is sure to be PAWsome!