Braxton Moral (The Hutchinson News)

A young man from southwest Kansas who earned an undergraduate degree from Harvard the same month he graduated from high school in 2019 is celebrating another achievement: passing the bar exam.

Braxton Moral graduated Ulysses High School in May 2019. Eleven days later, he received his undergraduate degree from Harvard Extension School. Fast-forward three years to the present and Braxton's appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, where the host shared that Braxton passed the bar earlier this year to become America's youngest lawyer. 

Braxton said he hasn't decided on a law firm yet, but he had an internship with the local county/city attorney's office.

"You know, tried a few people for traffic infractions. I got 'em," Braxton said. "I mean, they were on camera but that's beside the point. I still got 'em."

Braxton said his interest is trial and litigation. 

Braxton had been gradually taking classes at Harvard since he was 11 years old. Harvard Extension School allows students without certain prerequisites to enroll in programs so long as they can prove they're able to perform by way of trial classes, testing and administration voting on your admission, Moral said.