The Kansas Corporation Commission has approved a settlement agreement allowing Evergy to recover costs incurred during the winter storm in February 2021.

Under the settlement agreement approved Thursday, the average Evergy Central residential customer’s monthly bill is expected to increase by $2.82 for two years beginning in April 2023. However, the average Evergy Metro (formerly Kansas City Power & Light) residential customer will see a $6.60 monthly credit for one year.

A release from the KCC said its staff, the Citizens Utility Ratepayer Board, Evergy and the Kansas Electric Power Cooperative supported the settlement. Kansas Industrial Consumers, the Natural Gas Transportation Customer Coalition, and Coffeyville Resources Refining & Marketing  opposed it, saying it unjustly shifts costs from residential customers to industrial customers and fails to reward conservation efforts.

“The Commission reiterates the unique nature of Winter Storm Uri and the extraordinary costs it produced. As the Opponents of the Non-Unanimous Settlement acknowledge, Winter Storm Uri caused unprecedented financial harm throughout Kansas. Likewise, the evidence demonstrates that some customers in all rate classes conserved electricity and assisted in avoiding a system-wide failure, like Texas experienced.”

“The evidence before the Commission suggests that, under the circumstances, the Non-Unanimous Settlement represents the lowest interest rate and the lowest customer impact of all Kansas utilities for Winter Storm Uri related costs.”

The order also states that any proceeds received by Evergy from ongoing federal or state investigations into market manipulation, price gouging or civil suits will be passed on to customers subject to winter storm recovery charges.

Thursday's order can be viewed on the KCC website.