WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - With the price of gas still in the mid-four dollars in Wichita, it's hard to think about anything else, especially when it's time to fill up like Barbara Decker and Levarn Ellsberry.

"Well, I'm just concerned, you know, how high they are," said Decker.

"It's too high, and it don't make sense," said Ellsberry.

Wednesday, President Biden called on federal and state lawmakers to remove the gas tax for three months.

"Every time you go to the gas station to fill your tank, the federal government charges an 18-cent tax per gallon of gas that you purchase," said President Biden.

Kansas charges an additional 24 cents per gallon tax on top of that, so if Biden's plan works, gas in Kansas gas will come down by 42 cents per gallon through the summer.

Ellsberry says she's all for it.

Cool, great! Let's do it," she said.

But Decker says she sees both sides.

"I can't remember what they said the gas tax was for, but I'm sure we need that too. But the people need relief. Younger families, working families, need the relief from high prices," said Decker.

At any rate, the President has a long way to go to get enough people on board to make it happen.

Senator Roger Marshall said, in part, it's a "farce" and "will do nothing meaningful to ease their financial pain."

Senator Jerry Moran said, in part, "A federal gas tax holiday is a trivial attempt to address a serious issue that is hurting American families."

While only time will tell if the tax cut will happen, Ellsberry says she just hopes it will get back to where she can afford a full tank at a time.

"I fill up before it gets halfway. When it gets like halfway, I fill up, so I can pay $40," she said.

Governor Laura Kelly tells KAKE News she agrees with Senator Moran that "this is not an issue Washington can just put a bandaid on and walk away from." She says, "We need real solutions that don't rob states of funds used to fix our highways and roads."

Full statement from Governor Kelly:

“Kansans are hurting because of high gas prices nationwide, and I’m working day and night to provide relief from inflation. I’ve worked with both parties to axe the food tax and cut property taxes, and have fought for tax relief for our teachers and veterans.
I agree with Senator Moran — this is not an issue Washington, D.C. can simply slap a band-aid on and walk away from. We need real solutions that don’t rob states of funds we use to fix our highways and roads. My approach to energy policy has always been focused on increasing all of America’s energy supply — including our domestic supply of oil and gas. Here in Kansas, I’ll be doing everything I can to save Kansans their hard-earned money.”