Over the weekend, the CDC recommended COVID-19 vaccinations for young children.

"Parents and caregivers can now get their children 6 months through 5 years of age vaccinated with the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines to better protect them from COVID-19. All children, including children who have already had COVID-19, should get vaccinated," the CDC said. 

Tuesday, the Sedgwick County Health Department released a statement following federal approval. 

"Children under 5 are now eligible to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Following federal approval, the Kansas Department of Health & Environment (KDHE) endorsed the use of a Pfizer vaccine for children 6 months through 4 years old and a Moderna vaccine for children 6 months through 5 years old," the release said.  “This is exciting and welcomed news for parents, since the so-called “tender age” vaccinations are the last age group to be cleared for COVID-19 shots,” said Adrienne Byrne, Director of the Sedgwick County Health Department. “We are encouraging parents to talk to their child’s pediatrician or healthcare provider about these safe and effective vaccines."

"He is the hold out. He is the only one who we have not been able to vaccinate yet. It's been a long 2.5 years for everybody," Jennifer Gragson, a Wichita Mom said Tuesday.

The "hold out" who she is referring to is her 2-year-old son. He is a few weeks away from turning 3 years old. 

She's anxiously waiting for her turn to take her son in for this highly-anticipated shot.

"... and I continued to mask all this time to protect my son. I've been very anxious waiting and waiting and waiting and then it finally gets approved and it's like wait I can't do anything yet. It's been frustrating," Gragson said.

Eager to get her son vaccinated, but defeated, because she's still not able to get him the shot just yet, because it's simply not here.

"The health department's role is really to help those that are uninsured. We are encouraging families to contact first their own providers. Pediatricians will be provided this vaccine. We anticipate the vaccine being available Friday to the Sedgwick County Health Department and KDHE. Those vaccines will then be supplied to pediatricians and others that are providers here in the state sometimes afterwards," Stephanie Birmingham, the COVID Public Information Officer for Sedgwick County said Tuesday.

The county is expecting vaccine by the end of the week and is encouraging people to reach out to their own providers.

"It might be next week before your pediatrician actually has that on hand," Stephanie Birmingham said.

Dr. Amy Seery, a pediatrician with Ascension Via Christi, says many have been waiting for this moment. 

"The vast majority of my pediatrician colleagues, we are very much in favor of the new COVID vaccine. Everyone has been waiting for it anxiously. So now down to 6 months, we can get everyone protected. Now of course, like the majority of our vaccines, it doesn't 100 percent prevent the illness, but it is extremely good like many vaccines, at preventing serious illness and death," Dr. Seery said.  "Unfortunately, here in the United States we have had over 400 children less than 5 years old who have died from a COVID infection. All of those families are devastated. I'm sure they wish they could rewind time and give their child a vaccine for this condition. So, there is that possibility, yes, the odds are in people's favor, but why gamble with your kiddo when you know that there is a means for protection and safety available to them?"

The release from Sedgwick County adds for those looking for Moderna and Pfizer vaccine availability to contact your own medical provider or visit here.

The Sedgwick County Health Department says it will be providing the Pfizer vaccine to children under five without insurance or who have CHIP or Medicaid/KanCare at its Main Clinic located at 2716 W Central later this week. Vaccinations are given by appointment. You can call at (316) 660-7300.

The Reno County Health Department also said it will begin offering vaccinations to this age group. The Reno County Health Department will begin offering Moderna COVID-19 vaccinations for children aged 6 months and over. Appointments are currently being scheduled for early next week.

"The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) announced Monday that they would follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendation that all children 6 months through 5 years of age should receive a COVID-19 vaccine. The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) vaccine advisers have determined that the benefit of the vaccine outweighs the risks, and that the vaccine has been “well-tolerated” among the children who received them in clinical trials. All children, including children who have already had COVID-19, should get vaccinated," According to a release from the Reno County Health Department.