WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE)- Wichita police said a shooting call at a west Wichita home Wednesday morning is what led to a 10-hour standoff that ended with officers fatally shooting 39-year-old Gregorio Banuelos.

Banuelos was identified Thursday afternoon during a media briefing. Police responded to a shooting call in the 500 block of North Milstead around 1:30 Wednesday morning after a 911 call from a victim inside of the home.

In that call, you can hear the victim claiming that Banuelos had shot her. Police said Banuelos did not live at the home and showed up with his girlfriend that morning. The victim, a relative of Banuelos, asked the other woman to leave; and that's when police tell KAKE News he became agitated. Police say Banuelos argued with the victim, and then physically assaulted her before things escalated.

"Our victim retreated to a room," said Captain Jason Stephens with the Wichita Police Department. "She was followed by the suspect which at this point brandished a handgun, pointed that handgun at her and fired one shot."

Police said that shot did not hit the victim, and that she and a child inside of the home were able to make it out of the home safely to wait for police to show up.

"He's still here, he's going crazy," the relative told a dispatcher.

The dispatcher then asks the relative if Banuelos still had a gun, and the relative confirmed he did.

Police said Banuelos had multiple felony warrants and had been involved in other cases involving relatives and domestic violence that meant he never should have been in possession of the gun in the first place. When officers arrived to help the victims and confront Banuelos Wednesday morning the police department said the situation further escalated.

"They saw Mr. Banuelos briefly walk out the front door on to the front porch," said Stephens. "They saw he was armed with a handgun that he was holding in his hand. He made some comments and then retreated back inside the residence."

At that point police made the decision to call in a SWAT team and crisis negotiators to assist. Stephens said authorities spent several hours trying to get Banuelos to come out of the home after barricading himself inside, but he refused.

"Attempted to make phone contact with him using a phone number that we had for him," said Stephens. "He did not answer the phone...They left voicemail messages, sent text messages, even used social media platforms."

Police said after all of those efforts were unsuccessful, they even sent a K-9 and robot into determine where Banuelos was and convince him to come out, again he refused.

Body camera video shared by Wichita Police captured some of the moments that SWAT team members finally breached the home and attempted to make contact.

In one clip, you can hear Banuelos threaten to fire gunshots if the K-9 isn't removed. In another clip, Banuelos again references the K-9 before rounding a corner in the basement he had barricaded himself inside of and pointing a handgun towards an officer. The exchange of gunfire continues into another clip as officers retreat and you hear another shot being fired followed by explicit language from Banuelos.

Police said officers eventually ended up leaving the home, and Banuelos followed them, caused two officers already outside of the home to make a call.

"Two officers positioned outside saw this," said Stephens. "Believed he was moving towards those officers armed with a gun and fired in defense of those officers."

Wichita Police said Banuelos died at the scene and his death is under investigation.

Two Wichita Police officers and two Sedgwick County deputies, Stephens said, are on routine administrative leave.

The Wichita Police Department, Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office and the Kansas Bureau of Investigations are conducting a multi-agency investigation.

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