NORTON, Kan. (KAKE) - On May 23, after being stopped at a traffic stop in Norton, Kansas, a man was taken into custody when it was discovered that he had outstanding warrants. The man's name is Dale Farris Sessions.

One of the warrants was out of the United States District Court for a probation violation and the others were out of Kenosha County in Wisconsin for two counts of failure to register as a sex offender. This comes according to a press release from the Norton Police Department.

Sessions was convicted of kidnapping and raping two hitchhikers in Kenosha in 1975. He was then sent to a mental hospital until he eventually escaped in 1976. For approximately 18 years, Sessions lived under an alias until he was arrested in again in 1994. 

After his arrest in 1994, he was indicted for kidnapping a woman with a gun. He then spent 13 years in federal prison.

Most recently, Sessions has eluded capture by law enforcement since he warrants were issued in 2019. 

"Please tell me you guys actually have who I think you have" U.S. Marshals said to Norton Police after learning of Mr. Session's arrest.