WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - The Wichita Area Builders Association, or WABA, released a list of nearly 60 contractors, builders and more Friday in response to the Andover tornado. 

The list is made up of WABA members that are licensed, insured and available to help homeowners rebuild. President and CEO Wess Galyon said it's to help people not get scammed. 

“The person they end up making the deal with to help them is really important, because they're going to be together a while,” Galyon said. 

Dale Padding, whose house was damaged in the storm, was excited to learn about the new resource. 

“That would be fantastic,” Padding said. “How do I get my hands on it?” 

Padding has lived in his Andover home for over four years. He’s facing roof damage, blown out windows and more. 

“It’ll be a big sigh of relief,” he said. “I know that, you know, they're saying probably 10 months to rebuild this one.”

Galyon said it's important to take the extra time to look at a list like this when deciding on what company to use to rebuild a home. The list will likely grow as time goes on. 

“When the Haysville tornado hit Haysville, tore it up pretty bad, we did the same type of thing, and it was helpful to people because they get so anxious to get back to a normal life,” he said. 

The rebuilding process could take longer than usual because of supply chain issues. Galyon said one sign of a potential scam is someone offering to do repairs quickly.  

“Somebody shows up and talks to them about, ‘We're here, we're here to help you. We're local We're whatever, and we can start tomorrow,’” he said. “That's probably not true.”

Padding said he’s already contacted a company about window replacement and was met with a 24% price increase and a 16-week minimum completion time.

The list also includes remodelers, suppliers and financial institutions that are ready to help. 

You can find the list by clicking here