WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - While many areas of the country are reporting improvements in the housing market, it's the complete opposite here in Wichita.

New data from South Central Kansas MLS says the housing supply is lower than it's ever been, leaving people like Andover Tornado victims who need immediate housing nowhere to turn.

"That's been a huge need. We have some families that have been displaced and have moved on to other family members, but we've also seen a lot of families that are temporarily housed in a hotel or motel," said Dulcy Palnau with The Salvation Army.

Palnau has been working with families every day since the Andover tornado, and right now, she says one of the biggest needs is housing.

But there's a catch.


"Right now, it's just banana bonkers," said Stan Longhofer.

Longhofer is the Director of WSU's Center for Real Estate. He says the new housing data released Wednesday comes with something he's never seen before.

"Now in Wichita, we're sitting at a place where we only have a 0.6-month supply of homes available for sale," said Longhofer. "These are historically tight markets. Two years ago, when we were looking at 2-months supply, we said it's never been this tight. It just can't get any tighter."

Longhofer says the rental market is no different, and with so many more people looking for somewhere to live after the Andover tornado, it's only getting worse.

"It is a difficult market, and people are going to have, you know... If they want to buy, or they want to rent, they're gonna have to be prepared to pay a premium right now," said Longhofer.

Palnau says The Salvation Army will continue doing everything it can to help anyone in need through the process of finding housing. But Longhofer agrees that it's going to take time.

"I just want them to know that there's hope ahead for them. And that there are people that care and want to see them get back to where they need to be," said Palnau.

The Salvation Army says if you're a landlord or know of available housing, please call them at 316-425-6100, so they can work with you to connect you with tenants in need.