WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) – Damage from Friday night's severe weather was felt not only in Andover, but in Wichita as well, with strong, damaging winds affecting structures and buildings. 

"We had what the fireman described as a 'microburst', which can be as bad as a tornado, but nothing touched the ground," a Wichita resident living an apartment complex in East Wichita said Friday. 

Haley Janzen lives at an apartment complex near Harry and Woodlawn in Wichita and describes what unfolded Friday night.

"It was calm and then all of a sudden it sounded like a train. I turned around to pick up my son from the door because I thought the wind was picking up and it looked like a tornado was going by. We just took off to the bottom floor," Janzen added.

A tornado touched down in nearby Andover, but Haley says Wichita dealt a big blow too.

Janzen says debris from a roof from a nearby building at the same complex flew off its structure and hit her second story apartment. 

"We stepped out here. Me and my husband did just to make sure we weren't seeing any funnel clouds. All of a sudden, we are hearing a roaring sound and we came running in. We couldn't open our sliding glass door, so I cut my finger, but we got in safely," Shenqual Kelly, another Wichita resident who lives at the same complex said.

The Kelly family is safe, yet terrified. 

"That was very, very, scary and very intense. I wouldn't want anyone to go through that. That's insane," Kelly added. 

The damages range from fencing to roofing and everything in between, but these residents know, the damage is really in what neighboring Andover has seen.

"My sister is actually lives in Andover. Her whole neighborhood area is like completely destroyed. Luckily her house and everybody is good," she added.