WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Its something that has been on the mind of Alexis Lyons ever since she moved out of her parents place and started living on her own, her costs. "I have been trying to keep a good eye on how much water I'm using and how much I have the lights on and stuff like that.”

It's something she, and others, are going to have to pay closer attention to in the coming months. The Kansas Corporation Commission sent out a consumer alert warning people about higher energy costs and what it could mean for their utility bills. Staff with the KCC says wholesale natural gas is selling for its highest amount since 2008.

"We try to give people as much advance notice as possible, to give people the opportunity to, to make changes if they can and if they're able to, you know, from a financial perspective. Even small energy efficiency or conservation measures really can make a big difference" Justin Grady, chief of revenue requirements for the KCC, told KAKE News Monday.

If you are wanting to save some money on your utility bills, the KCC says there are several ways to do that, including some simple ones like keeping your thermostat at a higher than usual temperature, using your blinds to block out sun and heat during the summer, and using overhead fans. For a full list of tips see below.

Another option is checking your A/C unit and making sure its running at peak performance. Bryan Naccarato, owner of Bryan's Heating and Air Conditioning says, "One thing that we always recommend is that on a fairly warm day, just turn it on and see make sure that everything comes on it works.”

He adds that regular maintenance can be a big help in keeping units functioning right. However, he says that the sooner you start on this work, the better. “There are projections that later into the summer. It's going to be pretty, pretty touch and go as far as the availability of new furnaces and air conditioners from the manufacturers.”