TOPEKA, Kan. (KAKE) - Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt is urging GoFundMe to make "meaningful changes" that would give Kansans more clarity on where exactly their donations are going.

Schmidt, who is running for Kansas Governor this year, sent a letter along with 28 other attorney generals on April 18 to GoFundMe. In this letter they outlined specific steps that they would like to see the crowdfunding platform implement. 

“Platforms like GoFundMe are not and should not be empowered to unilaterally make decisions regarding where donated funds will go or why,” the attorneys general wrote. “If GoFundMe is making opaque and unilateral decisions about which fundraisers are legitimate and which fundraisers to re-route donations to irrespective of initial donor choice, GoFundMe has likely crossed the line from fundraising platform to fundraiser itself. Such a role implicates significantly different regulatory schemes directed at ensuring transparency in charitable giving.”