Wichita, Kan. (KAKE) -- A judge sentenced Mia Collins, who pleaded guilty back in October to two counts of murder and several other charges for her role in a crash that killed two people, in Sedgwick County District Court this morning.

Collins receiving a life sentence with a minimum of 25 years plus 38 months for the charges.

Collins was being chased by police in downtown Wichita in 2019 when she crashed into two vehicles at Douglas & Broadway.   The crash killed 12-year-old Rosemary McElroy and her grandmother Maria Wood.   Two people were injured,  including local musician Jenny Wood.

Court records show Collins was driving a stolen vehicle and had smoked meth earlier.  Police said Collins told a passenger she had drugs on her and didn't want to go back to jail. Collins was able to speak before the final sentencing, holding back tears as she expressed remorse for her actions. “There is not a day that goes by that I do not live with this pain and I know that you guys don’t either.”

During today's sentencing Wood also got up to speak, saying, "Mia Collins is not the evil devil the news made her out to be." At one point Wood spoke directly to Collins, saying "I pray for you all the time. I was you, I am you. All these people that are former friends, are you.” 

Both in the courtroom and talking to reporters afters, Wood says she believes more of the blame on the crash that killed her Mother and Niece should be on the Wichita Police officer who initiated the chase that led to the crash that day. "There was no threat of a life in danger or threat of a weapon. He just went for it downtown on a sunny Sunday afternoon. While people are getting out of church at the Cathedral, he conducted a chase after just a stolen car."

Collins was also ordered to pay back over $2,000 of restitution to the other person injured in that crash, Alfred Angel, for damages to his car.