TOPKEA, Kan. (KAKE) - Sharice Davids says she is continuing her efforts to help out Kansans at the gas pump. 

In a press release she urges President Biden and Congress to "move forward on long-term energy and inflation solutions." This would include fixing supply chains, making more goods in America, and investing in clean energy.

Helping Kansans at the gas pump has been a priority for Davids, as earlier this year she has introduced legislation that would suspend the federal gas tax through the end of the year. If this went through it would save Kansans 18 cents per gallon. 

She also " remains committed to long-term energy and inflation solutions," as she has called on President Biden to "protect Kansans from being used for leverage by dictators in the future by investing in renewable and alternative fuels."

Last week, David met with President Biden and New Democrat Coalition to continue the push for bipartisan "legislation to fix our supply chains and make more goods in America, not China."