Some say there's no place like Kansas, or its teams.

"I'm not surprised honestly. It's KU. I expect them to win the full thing, you know?" said Wichita resident Tay Ah.   

Tay Ah is just one of many Jayhawk fans with basketball on the top of their minds.

"We got a little tournament going on right now; shout-out KU! We want to take that out to the court and implement that to our lives," Ah said. "Even though we are not there, unfortunately, to watch the games live, but I wanted to be."

While his friends and he played a friendly game of basketball on a Wichita court Sunday, the stakes of Monday's competition in New Orleans couldn't be higher.  

"If they (the North Carolina Tarheels) do win, I give it to them. They deserved it and they earned it, but I gotta give it to KU, always. I expected them (the Kansas Jayhawks) to win and I expected Duke to win, but since Duke only lost by a couple points, I can't really think that North Carolina is going to do too much better against the champions," Ah said.  

Rooting for KU is something that Sharon Reichenberger says you just simply have to do.

"Well, yeah, definitely. Like I said, you can't live in Kansas and not be a Jayhawk fan," Reichenberger offered. "They are expected to probably win. That's what they are saying." 

While some have their own reasons for rooting for the Jayhawks, others feel kind of - let's say - pressured.

 "I kind of have to be (a fan)," said Wichitan Emma Jordan. "My Dad went to KU for his doctorate. I kind of have to be."

She's planning on watching the game Monday with friends.

Monday night's game in New Orleans is slated for 8:20 p.m. CST and will mark the University of Kansas' 10th NCAA Tournament Championship appearance. These fans hope the darker blue will bring the hardware back home to the Sunflower State.