Jake Calhoun, owner of Soya, an on-demand gas delivery service, isn’t necessarily worried about the price of gas but the fact that it’s constantly changing. 

“At first, I was like really worried, you know, the gas prices are going to shoot up,” Calhoun said. “People aren’t going to want to pay an extra $10.”

Only a few months in to running his gas delivery service in Wichita, gas prices spiked. According to AAA Kansas, gas prices rose 44 cents over the last month in the state. 

Soya fills up people’s gas tanks for them, and the profitability relies solely on gas prices. 

“When the gas prices shoot up, I’m able to stay a little bit lower, because I’m still giving away fuel that I bought from the day before,” Calhoun said. 

Calhoun charges the price of gas when he fills up his mobile tank plus a $10 delivery fee. Members pay a flat rate monthly delivery fee. 

“When they drop down, then I’m usually a little bit higher than everybody else,” he said.  

So, he said he’s hoping for more consistent gas prices, even if they're high, to help him not lose money. 

“Whenever it was more steady…everything was a lot smoother when it came to my expenses,” said. 

Shawn Steward with AAA Kansas said this inconsistency is one of the main reasons prices are so high right now. He doesn’t expect it to change anytime soon. 

“Volatility and fluctuation are the keyword right now,” Steward said. 

There is a silver lining. Steward said Kansas has the second lowest average gas prices across the United States. 

“Last Monday, the 21st, we were at 3.76 average in the state and that was down 5 cents from the previous week,” he said. “And now we're back up to 3.80 just in the last couple of days.”

However, he understands that prices are still higher than usual. He said one way you can try to problem solve is “shop around” and look for other options, like Soya. 

Calhoun said he’s seen an increase in customers since the price hikes. He said he’s hoping for a smoother ride as he continues to grow his business. 

“My guess is that because I can stay competitive with the gas prices, they’re catching at the right time and the right day, and I’m able to beat the price of some other gas stations around town,” he said.