FORT WORTH, Texas (KAKE) — A Texas teen will get a new truck after he was caught in a tornado that flipped his pickup as he was heading home from a job interview earlier this week. 

WFAA reports 16-year-old Riley Leon of Elgin has been contacted by Bruce Lowrie Chevrolet in Fort Worth, which will be giving him a brand new Silverado on Saturday. 

Leon was driving home on U.S. 290 from an interview at Whataburger on Monday when his truck was flipped on its driver side and then back onto its wheels before he drove away.

Video of the incident was posted to social media by storm chaser Brian Emfinger. 

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Leon told KVUE that the tornado seemed to have come out of nowhere.

"When I landed on my wheels my hands landed on my lap and I saw everything and I was like probably nothing happened," he said. "I wasn't scared that much, but it was a shocking moment for me.

Leon said the pickup, now dented and scratched, was passed down to him from his father. 

But now he'll have a new truck. And a Whataburger spokesperson told Fox Weather that he got the job. 

The National Weather Service said the Elgin tornado was an EF-2 tornado with peak wind of 130 mph.