GARDEN CITY, Kan. (KAKE) – Garden City police have arrested two people following a road rage confrontation that led to a stabbing and shots being fired.

The incident happened just after 3 a.m. Friday near N. 3rd Street and Labrador Boulevard. Garden City police said 24-year-old Jonathan Reyes was driving southbound N. 3rd Street when a vehicle in front of Reyes refused to let him pass.

When the two stopped at the intersection of N. 3rd Street and Labrador, they got out of their vehicles and started arguing. Police said Reyes allegedly stabbed 37-year-old Justin Cole. In response, Cole allegedly drew a gun and shot Reyes before leaving the scene. 

The two vehicles later met on Labrador and as they passed each other, Cole allegedly pulled his gun again and shot Reyes's vehicle. The vehicle was hit and Cole fled the scene.  

It was with the assistance of Kansas Highway Patrol and Kearny County Sheriff's office that Cole was located and taken into custody in Kearny county. 

Cole was booked into the Finney County jail for attempted first-degree murder, criminal damage and criminal discharge of a firearm. Reyes was also booked and could face charges of aggravated battery and felony interference.

Officers are working to identify a third person involved in the incident and an investigation is ongoing.