WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) – A terrifying moment Friday when bullets started flying at Towne East Square.

“I was just shocked. And I didn’t know what to say,” said 8-year-old Jeremy Evans, who was with his family at the food court.

Jeremy’s dad Brandon says the family were wrapping up spring break with a fun day at Build-A-Bear.

“We were having a good time. And the next thing we know, we heard gunshots and we already took off and ran,” says Brandon Evans.

Jeremy just got done making his new best friend “Red Tiger” when he ended up in the scariest moment of his life.

“It was really scary. And I thought something was just dropping like a pan or something. When everybody got up, I was like ‘what’s happening’, and then people was just running, asked my dad, ‘what’s happening?’ And he said ‘Just run, run, run’,” said Jeremy.

His 4-year-old sister Serenity says she was in the stroller, which made it even more scary since she couldn’t see what was happening, or run for herself.

“It was scary and I was shocked,” Serenity told KAKE News.

Her mother, Alexis Kent, says in an instant, everyone was running on pure adrenaline and it was complete chaos.

“Your first instinct is just to get to that exit and everyone just went to a mob and ran… but its just one of those scary moments where you just don’t know where it’s at. You just hear it and you ran and it’s so scary,” says Alexis.

Once Jeremy knew he and his family were safe, the number one thing on his mind wasn’t himself, but about everyone else who might still be stuck inside.

“I hope they’re okay. And I just pray that no death happened.”