LEON, Kan. (KAKE) – It all happened just after 2 o’clock this afternoon, gunshots echoing through every street in the quiet town of Leon, leaving residents nearby running for cover.

“My first immediate thought was to just get them inside because they were terrified,” Amanda Elsen told KAKE News.

Elsen lives just a few houses down and was outside playing with her two young kids when the shooting occurred.

“Next thing I know, you know, five, six pops. My daughter started freaking out. So, we ran inside. And, you know, immediately went back down to the basement, until we figured out what was going on.”

According to a statement from the Kansas Bureau of Investigations, preliminary information indicates that deputies from the Butler County Sheriff’s Office were attempting to serve an arrest warrant on 53-year-old James B. Watts of Leon.

Deputies were following Watt’s vehicle when he parked at the bank on Main Street. Deputies attempted to call Watt’s out of the vehicle in a controlled manner, but he ignored commands. Watts then exited the vehicle armed with a pistol.

Deputies continued to give commands for him to drop the gun, but Watts reached the entrance of the bank and attempted to enter the facility.

Three deputies then fired multiple times toward Watts, striking him several times.

Tanner Young was working in his shop just next door when the shooting occurred. 

“Heard people screaming and I went out and looked and I heard gunshots and I just went back to the office,” Young told KAKE News.

Young says as scary as the incident was, he knew it was best just to stay out of the way.

“I’m not going to be a bystander staring from a block away. Just go back to the office.”

As for Elsen, she said she has never seen anything like this in Leon, and since it is so rare, she’s hoping it’s the last.

“It’s a generally really small town and nothing like this happens. So, I can’t picture anything like this happening really again.”

Watts transported to Wichita hospital for treatment. The KBI says after surgery Watts is in critical, but stable condition. No law enforcement officers were injured during the incident.