WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly visited Wichita on Tuesday as she makes one final push to get her "Axe the Food Tax" plan passed. 

Time is running out as this legislative session is coming to a close, and Gov. Kelly said lawmakers have missed her original goal line for cutting the tax. But they can still get it done. 

Kelly said the Kansas Food Bank provides a similar service to the community: helping families struggling to put food on the table.

However, Republican leaders at the statehouse have said Kansas can't afford to completely cut the tax after passing a major incentive bill earlier this year to hopefully win a development expected to bring thousands of jobs to the state. They're working on a slower bill that would but food sales tax bit by bit over the next few years. 

Kelly said Kansas can still afford to make the complete cut now. 

"We ran the numbers many times. We can afford to completely and totally eliminate this food sales tax right now," she said. "We have spent the last three years growing our economy. We've brought in thousands of new jobs. What that's done is grow our tax base without raising taxes."

Kelly said not completely cutting food sales taxes this year would be a big loss, not for her reelection campaign, but for struggling Kansans.

We should find out later this week if the incremental tax cut bill makes it out of committee.