Gracing the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office Friday with his 'incredible' presence, was the Hulk himself: Lou Ferrigno. He's in town this weekend for the ICT Comic Con event happening at Century II.

His recognition goes far beyond Comic Con event itself, though.

Friday afternoon, the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office recognized Lou Ferrigno, "The Incredible Hulk," as an Honorary deputy sheriff. 

Law enforcement is something Ferrigno has supported for a long time. After all, he's a member himself.

The Sheriff's Office says Ferrigno has served as a reserve deputy with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy with the Socorro County Sheriff’s Department and member of the Maricopa County volunteer sheriff posse.

"It is very difficult today to be a police officer or be a sheriff and especially protecting life and property dealing with crime situations because you put your life at risk and I've been a deputy for 17 years and I see what they go through and I want to show my support because these guys are the real heroes," Ferrigno said.

".... and having someone like Lou Ferrigno step forward and state that publicly really resonates with, not only the people that wear the uniform, our civilians that work for the agency, but the community at large," Col. Brian White with the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office added.

Ferrigno says he's played the role of a deputy in movies, too, but nothing compares to being one in real life. His says his father was a lieutenant for 26 years for the New York Police Department. 

"It's not a movie. it's the real deal," he said. "You have no idea what it's like to be in their shoes, especially in a real situation."

"It was really neat to see somebody that you have seen on tv and known. I watched him when I was kid on TV. To see him out here, in person, and talk about his personal perspective on law enforcement really means a lot to us personally," Col. White added. 

Ferrigno is in Wichita for the ICT Comic Con event running March 5-6. The event is 10am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday from 10am until 5pm at Century II.  Adult tickets are fifteen dollars and kids under 12 are free.  There are additional charges if you want to get a photo or autograph from one of the stars.