WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) -- The staff at Tillie's Flower Shop in Wichita are entering their busiest time of year. With Valentine's last week and Easter and Mother's Day coming up, the shop is sending out hundreds of bouquets a day.

While there is no shortage of flowers, the business is running into other problems finding glass vases.

“The glass companies, we order from here in the U.S., there's only a handful of domestic suppliers and everybody's fighting for that machine time," said shop owner Jennifer Barnard. 

Barnard says she has had to stock up where she can, ordering some pieces up to six months in advance. She says that companies have also increased the minimum amount she has to buy, leading to a higher upfront cost. 

“A lot of people saw our increase in prices during Valentine's Day; it all trickles down to the consumer. Everybody's seen it wherever you go shopping, too. But we always try to offer the best value for our customers."

She says most of the issues come down to high demand from glass manufacturers and supply chain issues.

Tillie's is not the only business dealing with this problem either. Hildebrand Farms Dairy has had the same issues getting in new glass bottles. Operations Manager Melissa Hildebrand Reed says, "We've been in the business for 13 years, and this has been a heck of a rodeo this last year."

Reed says the company that makes her bottles is based in Canada and the wait time to get shipments has doubled over the last few months. To help try to make up for the losses, the company has been pushing on social media for customers to return their bottles to be reused. So far the plea is working.

"It's so cool, because they've really responded. We already saw it today, my Wichita truck pulled in and I like race to meet him outback and I'm like, how much do you have where we use? Like, I got four pallets versus the two from last week," Reed told KAKE News.