WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) -- The process of recruiting a $4 billion investment here in Kansas from a mystery company took another step forward Monday. The House Committee on Commerce, Labor and Economic Development passed the incentives package, called the APEX Bill, onto the house for a full vote. A version of the bill had been passed by the senate two weeks ago.

The house bill was passed with an amendment that adds oversight from the State Finance Council on any final deal the state would make with the mystery company before it would get approved.

Rep. Sean Tarwater, a Republican from Stillwell says the amendment would allow for more eyes on any final project, “To leave one person no matter who it is, in charge of a multibillion dollar refundable tax credit is, in my mind, fiscally responsible, and in a way too far out on a limb.”

Governor Laura Kelly says she would need the bill voted on and sent to her by Wednesday in order to meet the deadline to bid for the project. The mystery company has narrowed their decision to two states one being Kansas the other is Oklahoma. 

You can watch the full meeting bellow.