TOPEKA, Kan. (KAKE) -- Right now, the only gambling Kansans can do here in the Sunflower state is at casinos, but by the end of this year’s legislative session, that could change.

“I think after few years of hearing bills and presentation on sports wagering, I think we're really close to our goal" Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau told KAKE News.

On Wednesday, the state senate’s committee on federal and state affairs listens to a presentation on legalizing sports betting here in Kansas. Which included a break down of the differences between the senate bill that passed last year and the house bill that failed to pass. 

Senator Robert Olson, who chairs the committee, says he is going to work hard with their counterparts in the house to see where the two can compromise on a bill. Olson adds that passing some version of this bill is one of his top priorities. 

"You see Iowa and states around us, that are having a nice chunk of money come in, because it's legal in those states.”

Olson says legalized sports betting could bring 25 to 35 million dollars annually to the state, depending on how the bill is organized. That is money he says could go to roads, schools or other programs in need of funding.

Senator Faust-Goudeau, says the urgency that Olson is showing definitely boosts the odds of a bill getting passed.

“I've served on this committee for quite some time now. And I've never had it where the chairman opens up on the second or third day of the session. And, you know, just right to the point of a piece of legislation like this,”

Another part of the house bill would allow the Sedgwick County commission to call for a public vote to allow slot machines at racetracks, such as the Wichita greyhound park. Senator Faust-Goudeau says she would like to see that part be bought over on any compromise.