MAIZE, Kan. (KAKE) - The word "Moxie" means determination... So it's a fitting name for a local coffee shop, especially right now.

Digging deep is exactly what a local coffee shop's employees are having to do to stay open. Many of them are out sick.

MOXI Junction in Maize has been supporting special needs through coffee since 2014. The owner took to Facebook recently, saying half of her staff is out sick and that they would be adjusting shop hours this week to keep operations going.

"We make sure to welcome everybody. I don't care who you are, you are welcome here," MOXIE Junction shop owner Joanna Kilgore said Monday.

"It is fun to come here everyday and just kinda do what I've been doing for a while now...," Brianna Reimschisel, a long time worker at the shop said.

Brianna has been working at MOXI Junction since the very beginning.

"Not everyone has special needs... We all have different abilities and levels of it... You know?," Brianna said.

She does it all.

"Baker.. barista...opener... closer... cleaner.. everything...," she added.

Right now, she's one of the very few working at the coffee shop this week.

"Right now, it's just me and my sister basically doing everything. Plus, Joanna is here to be our extra helper," she said.

Shop owner, Joanna Kilgore, says sickness has overtaken her already small staff.

"Out with COVID, except one who had the flu," Kilgore shared. "...and the flu is running rampant as well."

"I think it started the Monday after Christmas. We hadn't been together and none of them were related to each other at all. Everyone had just gone to their holiday events. We started off with one person out and then we were out 2 and then we were out 3 and by Wednesday we were out 4 people," Kilgore added.

Every member the shop has a specific job which left her with some tough decisions to make, right after the holidays.

"I wasn't sure we could finish out last week but we did," she said. "Luckily we got to close early Friday and we were closed Saturday, so that helped and we debated closing today and decided no we could probably keep going if we just stayed open until noon."

Kilgore says right now she has two workers who can bake and barista, along with herself.

"We just decided we gotta cut hours and I hate to do that as a business because people rely on you being open during specific times," she said.

"I said in my Facebook post that we will be open the following week....our regular hours and later I read that and I was like.... 'I don't even know that'.... It changes every day, but right now it is all sickness," she said.

The owner says while the staff she has there now can keep everything up and going with their eyes closed, it's simply impossible to bake starting at 3 am, run the register and make drinks until closing at 4pm.

The shops hours this week are Monday through Friday 7 until noon and 8 until noon on Saturday.