WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Law enforcement agencies across the state are preparing for this week’s festivities and bracing for the worst with possible weather and an increase in reckless drivers.

As the streets and highways get busier, as do law enforcement agencies.

“They're there to do a job to make sure that we're all safe,” said Ben Weart. 

And one of the busiest days of the year is New Year's Eve. 

Ben Weart said the coming of a new year is a time to celebrate, but unfortunately it can easily take a turn.

“If you do drink, please don't drive,” said Weart. 

He continued, “If I'm driving on New Year's Eve, especially the later it gets at night, I am a little more cautious, making sure I'm aware of my surroundings and what's going on.”

In 2019, there were over 10-thousand deaths related to drunk driving, with 837 in the month of December, and 210 around Christmas and New Year’s.

Wichitan Tee James said he thinks it’s ‘silly’ to drink and drive, because there are so many options to get a ride home safely.

“With Uber and Lyft, and all that stuff. Yeah, there's so many options to not be safe. It's not very expensive. I think they even do some free rides and stuff,” said James. 

But the Kansas Highway Patrol says it’s prepared.

“We're anticipating some additional personnel over New Year's holiday,” said Lieutenant Bruce Lockhart with the Kansas Highway Patrol. 

Lieutenant Lockhart said they are still dealing with the after effects of the pandemic with increased traffic, speeders, and reckless drivers out on the roads.

But said things only get more dangerous when the weather is bad.

“It’s just a recipe for a lot of things to go wrong, or they can go wrong. So we're hopeful that we're preparing the best we can for the situation,” said Lockhart. 

And KHP is giving troopers extra overtime for the holiday traffic, but there are still things drivers should be aware of.

“Definitely give yourself time to get there. As always, don't be in a rush for anything, and just really pay attention to your surroundings. People come up behind you changing lanes, and just be courteous and observant more than anything,” said Lockhart.