GODDARD, Kan. (KAKE) - Tanganyika wildlife park welcomed a new member of the family, that has already doubled in size in just a month.

It's almost the end of the season at Tanganyika, but that didn't stop dozens of families from lining up to meet the newest addition to the park baby link, the pygmy hippo.

"It was a lot of excitement especially for the children,” said Tarah Splitter.

Link is only one month old and coming in at a whopping 31 pounds, but could grow up to 500.

He's also getting a lot of attention from park goers.

"We love them. We got to pet some of the kangaroo babies. We got to see the baby snow leopards those were super cute,” said Splitter.

From splashing around in the water with his mom Posie, to getting in his steps, or just getting some Z's he's made quite the impression and even has his own Tik Tok account.

And he isn't the only new baby in the park, from monkeys to kangaroos, there’s always something new to see.

"That's just one of the things I think people love about the park in general and of course that's kind of how we got our start right is a breeding facility for rare and endangered species so,” said Matt Fouts, the Director of Tanganyika Wildlife Park.

Fouts said it's great to see people come out and enjoy the unique experiences with all ages from toddlers, to teenagers to grandma and grandpa.

"When you come here, a lot of the experiences we have are very unique in the United States. And so, you haven't got to do you know feed in Indian Rhino or have a lemur sit on your lap while you're feeding it,” said Fouts.

And while baby link may be the center of attention, he's playing shy for now.

And there are still two Saturdays left to check out Tanganyika’s "Pumpkins in the Park" which has many fun activities.