Wichita, Kan. (KAKE) -- Its been nearly a month since HumanKind minstrels open the doors of its new 54 bed apartment complex, "The Studios". 

It is slowly filling up with residents, 21 so far, including Amber Burden. Burden moved in three weeks ago after staying in of the Non-profit's other shelters while she was homeless.  “All i had was my car, you know, and I didn't have anywhere to go."

The studios are designed to be intermediate housing for the homeless, meaning it serves as step to get to more permanent accommodations, usually around one year in length. What is unique about these apartments is that they are considered "No barrier" housing, meaning the only qualification a person would need to stay there is be homeless. One of the first of its kind in Sedgwick County, according to HumanKind CEO LaTasha St. Arnault. 

"We really needed a space where all barriers were removed, to allow people to come into housing and get the services they need on site" she told Kake Wednesday.

Residents will also work with a case manager and get wrap around services, like job training and mental health treatment while they stay at "The Studios". St. Arnault says programs like this have been very successful in other cities and she thinks it will be here.

Burden says three weeks in, she's already noticing the impact. She says the fact she has a consistent roof over her head alone has made a big difference. "I think in the first week, I was here I got more accomplished with my case manager than I did the whole entire four months, I was out on the streets."

St. Arnault says the renaming rooms should be filled in the next few weeks once they are all finally fully furnished. She says as people complete their work and are able to move out, HumanKind will work to find another homeless person to take their spot.