(KAKE) - A scam that has been around for years has reared its ugly head yet again, and some people are falling for it.

The Mountain Dew Decal Scam is what is known as a ‘car wrap scam’. They want you to pay for the installation of a decal on your car. In exchange, they will give you money for advertising for them. This has been seen over and over in other similar scams, like the Bud Light Scam.  

The scam claims that vehicle owners with a driver's license can be paid $500 or more weekly via check to have their vehicle wrapped with an advertisement. The scammers behind this fraudulent scheme or scam will send you a fake check, ask you to take your share of the money and wire the rest to a graphic designer, or give it to someone else.

Because the checks are fake, they will bounce. The money that you wired will go to the scammers behind this fraudulent scheme, and you will be forced to back back the bank the amount wired, plus other charges associated with the processing of the bad check.

Whenever you receive offers that are too good to be true, research it first before deciding to participate, even if the offer seems legitimate. It doesn't cost a penny to look into these "get money quick" deals and can save you a bundle in the long run.