HUTCHINSON, Kan.— OSHA has released its findings into an industrial accident at the Tyson Foods plant in Hutchinson in November of 2020.

Two contract workers were injured at the plant at 521 S. Main when ammonia was released from a refrigeration system. OSHA cited the company for five serious violations connected to the incident. 

OSHA says Tyson failed to secure parts of the system that were being worked on causing the release of ammonia. It also states that Tyson did not take the necessary precautions in the room where the work was being done and failed to implement a respiratory program for an employee wearing a full face respirator to assist during the incident. 

Another citation was handed down to the company for not implementing a line break procedure for the replacement of equipment on the refrigeration system and for not developing and implementing safe work practices to control hazards during operations. It also noted that the company did not provide an appropriate respirator for the employees based on the hazard to which the workers were exposed.

OHSA and the Department of Labor withdrew three of the citations and fined Tyson $40,959 and ordered Tyson to correct the violations no later than July 7 to avoid further penalties.