It was a Friday night -- May 4, 2007 -- when a nearly two-mile wide tornado took aim at Greensburg. The town took a direct hit.

The tornado ripped through the southwest Kansas community, killing 11 people, injuring 63 and destroying 95% of the town. It was rated as an EF-5 by the National Weather Service, the largest rating on the Enhanced Fujita Scale and the first in Kansas since the new scale was implemented.

A massive cleanup and rescue effort started immediately.  

President George W. Bush visited Greensburg days after the tornado hit. He returned to the town, to honor its high school graduates. 

The Greensburg tornado was on the ground for 65 minutes and ran non-stop for 33 miles. Maximum winds were estimated at 205 mph. It was the first fatal storm in southwest Kansas since 1967.

Damage in the town of 1,383 people was estimated at $250 million. 

The Greensburg tornado was one of at least 22 tornadoes produced from the same parent supercell thunderstorm. Two more people in Kansas were killed that day.