CLEWISTON, Fla. (KAKE) – Authorities are investigating after a video showed an elementary school principal in Florida hitting a 6-year-old student with a wooden paddle.

According to the family's attorney, the incident was over the girl scratching a school computer. WZVN reports the first-grader's mother was notified about the damage in mid-April and was asked to come to the school with $50 and was told her child needed to be punished.

The principal, Melissa Carter, and her assistant, Cecilia Self, were in the school office with the student when the mother arrived on April 14, the attorney said. 

The local ABC affiliate reports the child's mother does not speak English, so Self translated some information. Moments later, the paddle was brought out and the mother started recording on her phone, fearing what would happen next.

The video shows the assistant holding the child down and Carter hitting her with the paddle multiple times.

“You better be glad you’re not my daughter, because I would spank you all the time for acting like that,” Carter says in the video. 

The mother reported the incident to the local sheriff's office, and the video was also sent to the district superintendent who placed the principal on administrative leave.

There have been no arrests or criminal citations issued. 

Florida is one of nineteen states that still allow corporal punishment in public schools. Kansas is also one of those states, according to Public School Review