Wichita, Kan. (KAKE) -- A line of people wrapped around the Hunter Health building in East Wichita Saturday, waiting upwards of an hour and a half to go inside for their COVID-19 vaccine. Even though some had to wait for a long time, they said that the wait was worth it.

"It's a good feeling, actually. I don't mind waiting, I don't think anybody else does,” said Jennifer Schroeder.

Anyone over the age of 18 could sign up for one of the 1000 available spots in the clinic.  Twelve hours after the clinic was announced, all the spots were booked. 

The quick bookings were a sign to staff that people are eager to get back to some kind of normal.    

"The only word I have is amazing. When the vaccine came out, we knew vaccine hesitancy would be something we'd have to be educating the community on," said Brittney Weis, director of Marketing for Hunter Health.

She adds that one thing that has helped overcome that hesitancy is doling out the shots in their building. It’s a place she says patients already feel comfortable, saying, "Being in a localized location where people can walk to the clinic, use the public transportation system is something that we wanted to make this clinic very accessible for our community.”

Those who got their shot today will be able to get a second dose from Hunter Health when the waiting period is over. As of now, though, they do not plan on having a second clinic like this one.