(KAKE) - For more than seventy years, the Wichita Professional Communicators have been supporting the men and women who inform and connect our community.

“We have members from the news media. We have members who are in advertising, marketing, writing, editing, graphic design, photography, all here from the Wichita area,” said board president, Darcy Gray.

Through monthly programs, they network and support each other all while raising money to support the next generation of communicators.

“It’s just a great way to meet others in your field and also work together to give away a scholarship each year,” said Gray.

That $2,000 scholarship goes to a local college student who someday could become a co-worker.

“We know that these are our future colleagues, so we are helping a student that is going into the communications field. So, it’s really satisfying to be able to give back to those future colleagues,” said Gray.

If you’d like to get involved go to WichitaProfessionalCommunicators.com

KAKE News and the DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers are honored to present Wichita Professional Communicators with a $500 check as this week’s “Wins for Kansas” recipient.

“Thank you, DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers, and also KAKE TV for this $500 grant for Wichita Professional Communicators. We are so excited to receive this and help our scholarship fund. Thank you,” said Gray.