(KAKE) - When youth age out of foster care, it can be difficult to know what’s next. That’s where a KAKEland nonprofit steps in.

“When you talk about the foster care system, it’s got cracks in it. And you talk about those kids that fall through, these are those kids,” said YouThrive transition advocate, Margi Nisly.

For kids who have spent their lives in foster care, they never got to make their own choices. So YouThrive wants to be there after, to help them make the right ones.

“One in four of kids who age out of foster care are likely to enter the criminal justice system, only 58% of them will graduate high school. Only 3% of kids will get a college degree by the age of 25. And 71% of young women by 21 will be pregnant. So, these are like horrific, staggering statistics for these kids,” said Nisly.

Those statistics are the reason YouThrive was created. This completely voluntary program provides mentorship to youth when they’re on their own, at a pace that feels right to them.

“We want our program to be very choice oriented and very empowerment oriented,” said Nisly.

Youth are matched with a family they choose to be a mentor to walk through life’s next steps. They also get community resource guidance, financial education and even a match savings program to help make those big purchases, like a car.

“That’s why YouThrive was created. To kind of fill that gap and be that support underneath those kids to kind of be a little bit of a net to catch them when they fall in that crack,” said Nisly.

If you would like to help by donating or becoming a mentor, visit YouThrive.org.

KAKE News and the DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers are honored to present YouThrive with a $500 check as this week’s “Wins for Kansas” recipient.

“Thank you KAKE and DeVaughn James for this amazing opportunity. We are so excited for what this money can do to impact youth in this community,” said Nisly.