(KAKE) - When Heidi Feyerherm-Smith’s daughter Chloe passed away from cancer at the age of six, she knew she wanted to help families in similar situations. So, she started the Love, Chloe Foundation with the initial goal of raising money for research. But it quickly grew to so much more.

“Our first project that we started was something called ‘Monkey in my Chair.’ Chloe loved monkeys and she also loved school, so we wanted to do something in her honor that would do both,” said Feyerherm-Smith.

When families apply for a kit, they get a big stuffed monkey that can go to school and sit at the child’s desk while they’re away for treatment. And a children’s book, written by Heidi herself, that the class can read and better understand what their friend is going through.

“There’s also a journal, a photo album, a button that the child wears, and a smaller monkey that the child can keep with them when they go to the hospital or just at home, they’ve got a monkey of their own,” said Feyerherm-Smith.

Monkeys are being shipped across the globe and are especially needed right now.

“With the COVID pandemic, this became an even bigger deal. Children with cancer had no option to go to school with their lower immune systems,” said Feyerherm-Smith.

They also create “Warrior Wagons” full of customized items and gift cards for families, grants for financial assistance and so many other ways that can provide immediate help after a diagnosis.

There are many volunteer opportunities and ways to donate if you would like to help with their mission to help families and kids dealing with childhood cancer.

KAKE News and the DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers are honored to present the Love, Chloe Foundation with a $500 check as this week’s “Wins for Kansas” recipient.

“I want to thank KAKE TV and DeVaughn James for the Wins for Kansas grant to the Love, Chloe Foundation. This money will go to help families across the state of Kansas that are dealing with a childhood cancer diagnosis. We’ll be able to provide more family assistance grants and warrior wagons for these families and help them through their battle with their child. Thank you!” said Feyerherm-Smith.