WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - The security video from Smoke Stax, shows a very brazen and violent crime.

The robber, his face covered in a mask, walks in with a gun, points it at the owner's 69-year-old mother, who was working there alone that day.

The man appears to be frustrated as she tries to open the cash register. He hits her over the head several times with the gun.

The woman, Deborah Dunne, is Aaron Dunne's mom. He owns the shop.

"An older lady, helpless, not gonna fight back. Maybe someone who frequents our store,” said Aaron Dunne.

Seeing the video is horrifying.

"As soon as I got her, I just grabbed her hugged her was holding her as scary as helpless feeling. You know, there's nothing, nothing I could do nothing I could have done,” said Aaron Dunne.

He believes the thief targeted his store because his mother was working alone.

Captain Jason Stephens with the Wichita Police says this particular case is concerning.

"Because of the, the brazen, violent actions of this particular case. This isn't your typical armed robbery, in that there isn't usually this degree of physical contact or assault upon the victim,” said Captain Jason Stephens.

If anyone has information on this case, you are asked to call the Wichita Police Department or Crime Stoppers.