(KAKE) - Sparks Ignite is a unique educational center, focused on building a culture of inclusion while learning, and providing self-directed educational experiences to kids and their families.

“We have cultivated a great inclusive community, especially for neuroatypical kids who may have struggled in a traditional classroom and kids who have experienced discrimination in other settings,” said president and founder, Julie Price.

Primarily made up of homeschool families in the Wichita area, classes at Sparks are multi-age, with students starting at 3 and up to 16.

They had to close the doors to their physical classrooms on March 9th of last year to try and slow the spread of COVID-19.

“We did start hosting online classes and we’ve managed to provide stability and normalcy to our kids and our families. And we’re really focused on keeping this community together throughout the pandemic in a safe and conscientious way,” said Price.

If you’re interested in classes, check out SparksCuriosity.com.

“Sparks advocates and celebrates diversity of neurology, ethnicity, gender, ability, class, and sexual orientation. And we would love to see more support for these types of organizations in the community,” said Price.

KAKE News and the DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers are honored to present Sparks Ignite Incorporated with a $500 check as this week’s “Wins for Kansas” recipient.

“Thank you KAKE and DeVaughn James for this grant. We will use the money to provide scholarships for families who have been hit hard by the pandemic and help up get back on our feet when it’s safe for in person classes,” said Price.