WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Chiefs fans collectively held their breath Sunday afternoon.

After a tackle in the third quarter of the team’s playoff game sent star quarterback Patrick Mahomes to the sidelines, where he was quickly ruled out of the rest of the game.

Monday, head coach Andy Reid stopped short of saying Mahomes suffered a concussion but did confirm that the former MVP is in the NFL's concussion protocol.

Reid says "There is a day to day plan on that, and how they go about it, especially if a player staggers right there.”

By being in NFL’s concussion protocol, there is a chance Mahomes could miss Sunday’s AFC championship game if he is not cleared by team doctors and an independent neurologist.

That time frame could be tight if Mahomes does have a concussion according to Cody Barnett, a physical therapist and concussion specialist in east Wichita. 

He says the league’s protocol is a series of physical and neurological tests that give doctors a sense of how severe a concussion might be.

Until those tests are done, it is hard to determine right now, if Mahomes will be ready for Sunday's game.

“I'd say if it's affecting his play, shouldn't be playing, you know, if he if he can't remember routes, or he can't remember plays, or you know, things like that, then that's, that's a red flag right there” said Barnett.

Ultimately, Barnett says whether you are a star QB or a regular Joe, it is better to play it safe with concussions. "Getting the right care and the right treatment can save you at the time of injury can also help you months and years later in life" Barnett told KAKE News.

A decisions of if Mahomes is cleared to play is expected to be made later this week