"Shock. I just told everybody I'm in shock. He was an Eagle Scout. A loving Father, loving son. He would do anything for anybody. He was a very kind person," said Linda Williams.

Wayne and Linda Williams were in disbelief Wednesday when they turned on the news and saw that their eldest son, Jason Williams, was the suspect in a standoff that left him and his 52-year-old mother in law Angie Barr dead.

"It's a shock to me and my friends that know him. And the relatives. It's not right. But there's nothing we can do about it. We wish he wouldn't have done it," said Wayne.

"We lost a son, and the kids lost a father," said Linda.

The Williams' said while it doesn't make what Jason did right, there are two sides to the story.

They said Jason filed a Protection From Abuse order against his brother-in-law after a violent fight months ago - A PFA that was never served. Then, his estranged wife Felicia filed one against him that was served right away, Tuesday evening, pushing him overboard.

"They pushed him to the limit. The system let him down. Every time he got hurt, it didn't mean anything. He snapped... He felt he had to take care of it himself, I guess. It's horrible," said Linda.

While the Williams' process the unthinkable grief of losing their son, they said they just want people to know that he wasn't a bad person.

"All the people that know him know that he wasn't this way. He was a loving person. He was," said Wayne and Linda.