Bigger and braver: that's how Bikers Against Child Abuse want kids to feel when their world is scary, knowing they’re now a part of a family that will always have their back.

“We’re in contact with them twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. If they call me at two in the morning and say they need me at their house, I’ll be at their house by two-fifteen,” said Brian Hillis of the Kansas B.A.C.A. Chapter.

It starts with a police report. A child has been abused, and B.A.C.A. is notified. They visit the child and ask them if they’d like to join their family.   

“If they say yes, then we go back, we regroup, and then we all go back out there as a family of bikers and we introduce that child with a vest, their own biker vest, it’s got their own little B.A.C.A. patch on it,” said Hillis.

From then on, that child now has a family to surround them for every next scary step.

“We go to their house; we ride over with them to court. We escort them everywhere in the courthouse,” said Hillis.

They work in conjunction with local and state officials every step of the way to make sure the child is protected.

“We are not vigilantes. We don’t condone the use of violence of any manner. We are strictly there for the empowerment of children. It’s for the love of the children, that’s why we’re here. Just to make it better for them,” said Hillis.

“On behalf of DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers and our partners, KAKE TV, we’re honored to recognize this week’s ‘Wins for Kansas’ recipient, Bikers Against Child Abuse. Thank you so much for the great work you’re doing to protect the children in our community. Keep up the great work,” said Richard James of DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers.

“I just want to say thank you from B.A.C.A. Kansas to DeVaughn James and KAKE TV. The money will go for the empowerment of all children. Thank you very much,” said Hillis.